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Selecting the right microcontroller for a product can be a daunting task. software engineers should work out the high levels of the system, The second type of interface is digital inputs and outputs, analog to Does it require a bit Arm core? . I'm designing an ARM MCU board for a cube satellite.

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What does any of this have to do with Life on planet Earth? Preferably Knot. Pride, i. A street bum, using taxpayer-funded state intellectual facilities for personal hygiene. If not illegal, shameful. Scum of the earth. Books, poetry, radical politics, feminism, a list of self-delusions I carried in my Levi pocket. Nothing matters in America but Money, and we all know that.

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True Minds. And it worked as well as Mathematics. And natural context was sacred text. World was The Book.

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In Cro-Magnon cave art and carved bone items, we see not only a precise imaging of the natural world, rendered with esthetic skill; we also see a tender love of this world. They were up against the awesome beginning, our human origins, they survived the last Ice Age without central heating or TV weather news. We know they suffered arthritis, toothache, broken bones, infection and they knew death, short life spans.

But nothing in their art shows cringing Terror, or ontologic hostility. Rather, they were At Home on this planet: a part of it, not apart from it. Context was Text, and these first human recorders were self-inscribed within it, not alien observers. Time marches on. Once Time circled now it marches. What happened?

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John Zerzan "Why Primitivism? Our definitive Angel, the human desire to Know, leads us into present Hell. The Force of Paradox is within us, and it sucks. The title mirrors your question. Early writing bce used for both sacred texts and clerical accounting around the royal granaries, empowering hierarchies, etc. We know the story: Ur, Sumer, Babylon, all those clay tablets, the first writing, now compose the dust and rubble of Iraq.

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And from its primal power over our human consciousness. One can't make "images" of Nature -- as our Cro-Magnon ancestors so brilliantly did -- without touching Nature, intimately and fondly. The iconoclastic Biblical mandate to "break the Images" of surrounding pagan cultures was God's ascetic word: Don' t Touch.

For other people, dissemination of the Bible was a disaster. Generations were taught to fear and distrust "Nature" -- redefined as a demon-inhabited, temptational Enemy. Only "The Word of God" could be trusted, but this Word derived from a textual context which rarely, if ever, applied to the supplicant.

Forest people, mountain people, steppe, jungle, and sea people were confronted with a fully-armed Desert God, mandating morals and worldviews vastly disjunct from their pagan knowledge of their own experiential terrain. Such a disconnect makes people wacko, especially when it invokes Conversion by Fire, Sword and Cannon. Or by Law and Money; the West's secular tools of persuasion derive from the same disconnect. Freud believed that the urgency of the Western search for scientific truth derived from the Biblical obsession with moral rules, law and justice. Eric L. Renata Salecl, Duke U. Press, contrasts this "nomotropic obsession" with the "pagan cosmotheism" of pre-Biblical human time, in which "we find direct enjoyment of cosmic Eros, of deum siva naturam ", Spinoza, in fact.

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This set the tone for the Baconian "Interrogation of Nature" which occurred in uncanny coincidence with the Church's Inquisition of Witches ; even when science defied religion in Western history, scientists wielded the same superior whip over Dumb Matter as did the priests over Errant Flesh. Freud was wrong, however, if he assumed Western science as the only possible or "serious" science. Pagan cultures worldwide practiced Science fire, cooking, textiles, ceramics; herbal medicine, obstetrics and surgery; mathematics, geometry, astronomy.

And so forth. And did Freud forget the un-Torahed Greeks? Science, the human acquisition of knowledge about Nature, is indigenous to our Species. Within our Context, we construct our Text. How such pagan sciences would or could develop into World Science we don't know:. Science is Human Nature.

It is the attitude with which science is pursued, and the ends it serves, which is under question.

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Tens of thousands of years, mythic generations of epiphanal and practical interaction with the Context of this hemisphere land, seasons, plants and animals, migration and cloud patterns, water streams and bird cries, the messages of insects and wind : suddenly and totally Denied, countermanded and interrupted, overlaid with the surreal Unreal. But which had the best Science?

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  7. Is "science" Plunder or Reciprocity? Time will tell. Portable, indoctrinated generation by generation, it works to structure the brain's perception of Context before that brain has a chance to experience Context in any other way. And as any Code, it Replicates itself. Thus the natural world is recreated, via programmed perception, in the image of a worldview, an ontological Code. This is what the Fundamentalist agendas do, they Clone believers. I turned to it for answers and advice, as people turn to Bible or Koran.

    It did not however forbid other Texts upon pain of eternal damnation: rather, it inculcated observation of process, without falling prey to Greed or Fear. Dating bce, the I Ching easily inhabits the universe of quantum physics.

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    Western science just got here. Imagine 2 huge murals: one pictures war, bloody male wounds, mutilation and death; the other shows a woman giving birth, bloody orifices, membranes and life. The first is common in public spaces, the second taboo. The war scene is common in front page and television news; the maternity scene isn't. Our disembodied Value is killing us, yet we continue to worship It.

    Sex is profane, war is holy.


    Stop the delusional babble, the compulsive mumbling of beads, your little turdstones of sacred alphabet. Observe what is being done to a Real Earth in the name and pursuit of a Dead Idea.. We had a choice: hostility, or affection. The Interrogation and Inquisition of a Witch.

    Or the fond curiosity felt toward a Lover. Our lethal science did not want to know Earth, but to escape Earth. But it is not Earth which is our Prison, but our Minds. Servicewomen who claim to have been raped by their fellow troops in Iraq and "discouraged" from complaining by their superiors.