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Krondor: the Betrayal (the Riftwar Legacy, Book 1) Raymond E. Feist NEW

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Read online the first chapters of this book! I want to read the book! Starry Wisdom Peter Levenda 0 2 0 This third novel in the trilogy that began with The Lovecraft Code and continued with Dunwich concludes the globe-spanning tale of Professor Gregory Angell and his attempt to keep the Necronomicon out of the clutches of a gaggle of secret societies, and his life out of the grasp of terrorists and intelligence agents.

Krondor the Betrayal: : Book One of the Riftwar Legacy -

In the meantime, the search for the missing professor and the all-important book consumes Dwight Monroe and his team, while a string of murders in New Orleans baffles Detective Cuneo and brings NYPD Lieutenant Wasserman out of retirement. At the same time, Jamila, the young Yezidi woman with a strange paranormal ability and a deadly aim, finds herself on a mission in the United States to take out the man who destroyed her village. And a distraught mother whose two sons were abducted by a sinister being is now pregnant with another child and travels around the country looking for answers in gatherings of UFO contactees and the rites of a voodoo priestess where she will have to confront a mind-bending truth.

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  • Lovecraft, especially "The Haunter of the Dark" where the mysterious Shining Trapezohedron makes its appearance, Starry Wisdom ties together the various strands of occult knowledge, political intrigue, and pop culture that are woven through the first two books. Hailed by author Christopher Farnsworth Red, White and Blood, and The President's Vampire as a "more intelligent Da Vinci Code" and by Whitley Strieber Communion, The Wolfen, and The Hunger as "a riveting work of fiction," this book will thrill ancient aliens' fans and Lovecraft aficionados and is supported by the genuine scholarship of occultists, terrorists, military leaders, and intelligence agents.

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    The Betrayal : Krondor #1 Riftwar : Legacy [used book]

    When Gul'dan, a mysterious outsider, arrives in Frostfire Ridge offering word of new hunting lands, Durotan, the Clan's chieftain, must make an impossible decision: Abandon the territory, pride and traditions of his people, or lead them into the unknown. A Connecticut Yankee in King Following a violent argument with a man named Hercules, Hank is surprised to find himself under an oak tree, staring up at a man on horseback in full armor.

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    The Betrayal : Krondor #1 Riftwar : Legacy [used book]

    Being partnered to the Shinigami Detective likely has something to do with it. What he is NOT accustomed to is the queen herself marching into his lab and handing them such a case. Former Royal Mage Joseph Burtchell was found dead in his home, all signs pointing to murder. Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Bookseller Inventory n.

    Synopsis: Cover art by Liz Kenyon. First printing. Book One of the Riftwar Legacy. Krondor the Betrayal began its life as the bestselling role-playing video game of all time, written by Raymond E. Feist for Dynamix Inc. Feist, whose Serpentwar Saga has sold millions of copies and established him as one of the most popular fantasy authors of modern times, also wrote this novelization which places the action of the game in the context of his fully-realized fantasy setting, Midkemia.

    Feist's fans are legion. Longtime readers will be delighted at the return of popular characters Pug the Wizard, Squire Locklear, and others, as they face the menace of a marauding elf war-chieftain and a mysterious cabal of wizards. But first-time Feist readers may find Krondor the Betrayal baffling and tiresome--without the momentum of the larger series, much of the story's effect is diminished. The video game influence in this book is unmistakable--as evidenced by an encumbrance of sword fights, multilevel conspiracy, and two-dimensional characters.

    Anyone who enjoys reading about Midkemia will be thrilled to play the demonstration version of the CD-ROM game included with the book. Condition: Good. Will be shipped promptly from UK warehouse.

    Betrayal at Krondor

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