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Selecting the right microcontroller for a product can be a daunting task. software engineers should work out the high levels of the system, The second type of interface is digital inputs and outputs, analog to Does it require a bit Arm core? . I'm designing an ARM MCU board for a cube satellite.

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Turned out it was a BTAF sting operation! If ya want to build a single-shot weapon that is simple and impressive, and somewhat legal! Trunion-ears and cassian for easy set-up and hide. Ummm, I call it the only safe firearm you can't shoot yourself in the foot wit. Your neighbors will call it the wrath of God with PMS.

Philippine Underground Workshop Submachine Guns

The police report will call it distrubing the piece. The dictionary lists it as a cannon! My partner and I want to be in the Feb. NH The new longer barrel will put our ball on number 1 green in 1 shot at a half mile.

Toolabard: When I built my golf ball mortar the one thing I found distrubing was the extreme distance with less than an ounce of powder. I would like to make a CO2 paintball minigun - 10, balls should be just about the right sized mag Check this out: www. Thrud, I found a wonderful material for making cannon barrels. It's called bushing stock.

A very heavy walled tube used in welding for stuff that requires construction grade engineering. It machines well, and welds nicely.

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I started out with a small yacht-starter, about 20",1" bore. This was bolted to a secure shooting stand weighing lbs. Using FG cannon powder we could get a pop that would roll across the valley and back, and a 3' flame! An ounce of powder and 2 tight-wads made all the safe noise you wanted. I want to make the next one larger,about a 3 footer and add reieforce bands to both muzzle and breach with 2 decorative bands in between. It would have a nice French '75 look to it right down to the carriage and cassian.

We have a yearly event up here called The Mt. Muster where a cannon shoot is a main event. About a dozen field-pieces usually show up at this Rev. War encampment. One year a guy showed up with his piece that shot bowling-balls. He painted them orange so he could find them later. Something to aspire too! Remind me to tell you about Fort Knox on the Maine coast some time.

It was built as the largest casement fort on the east coast, with cannon. Toolabard Gadzooks! Ten Pin balls? I wonder if you could mount one on a Dakota Thrud check this out www. Jim That is so cool! I have seen some of the air cannons that hurls pumpkins and water mellons but that thing takes the cake!

Guys, there is a company about 90 miles north of here that sells field mortars. They are in Hayden ID.

Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance : The .22 Machine Pistol

I think you can get them either completed or as a kit, and sized for either bowling balls or regular old cannon balls. They leave the touch hole closed, but that is just a butt covering thing. I know they have a web site, I'm just too lazy to look for it. Hmm, yeah Single shot pistol Tinkered with conversion of a single-shot Chinese air gun to. Piece o'cake, since all of the components are there already.

And just this morning made a sketch of a full-auto version. Pieces of junk, but fun ideas. Speaking of Palladin Press, and the interest in this thread, I suppose there are many here among us who have an interest in making above-mentioned toys less noisy? How about one on the lines of the old Ruger Hawkeye, or would you run into patent infringement problems?

Machine Gun Terminology Part 2: SMG, PDW, & Machine Pistol

Doc this may be a stupid question but was the rifle already in 22 caliber? No, it was. Just drilled it out. The drill will of course follow the original bore. Alternatively, you can drill it out extra-large and insert a suitable tube that just happens to be. Rampant scientific creativity, that's all.

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YES those shhhh devices can put you in a great deal of trouble. In many places there is no question of their absolute illegality.

Jail time, period. However, some geographic regions have made more liberal provisions. Be careful!! See above post about sting operation. And technically, these are enormous forces you are messing with- Do Not Mess Around! I don't want to read a post written by a blind guy, or deaf guy, or fingerless guy Gee guys, I am all for fun and freedom, BUT making a breechloading pistol is a very touchy legal thing.

Making one without rifling would be considered a 'sawed-off shotgun' and that is LOTS of trouble too.

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You can still make a smoothbore muzzleloader pistol circa legally in most parts of the US. Still considered a historical novelty. For now. Be informed as to the law in your local, be careful and stay outta the legal system jail. Regards, Tim. Hi folks, new to the board here. Manufacturing one's own firearm is completely legal, as long as it is a Title 1 sporting type firearm and is not intended for sale or distribution.

Check Federal law if you don't believe me. Find an old telescoping car antenna, thats your barrel, get a hammer from a cap gun, a bix of rubber bands and a piece of 2 x 4. Combine and contour to fit. Get one box of. You have the basic Zip gun. It may be illegal in many states to do this, but it was done once many years ago. To anybody in the USA thinking of doing this, please listen to me.