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Not from a library. No remainder mark. This is one of the most important works in mathematical economics. The author won the Nobel Prize in Economics for incorporating "new analytical methods into economic theory and for his rigorous reformulation of the theory of general equilibrium. His brilliant insight into one of the deepest and most nagging problems in economics made Debreu a revered figure among his colleagues.

The book's influence was widespread, prompting economists to apply his theories to problems like analyzing business cycles and measuring the cost to the economy of inefficiencies like traffic congestion. He brought to economics a mathematical rigor that had not been seen before.

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Has some wear. Five star seller - Buy with confidence! Very Good. Yale University Press, September In The Theory of Value: An axiomatic analysis of economic equilibrium, published in , Debreu set out a rigorous mathematical approach to how prices function to balance supply and demand.

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Before Theory of Value, the presumption that a market in which goods are traded between producers and consumers will settle down to a stable equilibrium of prices and quantities had to be taken on trust. Debreu worked out mathematically conditions under which such a perfect market could exist. Debreu, unusually for a Nobel-prizewinner, confined his researches to abstract theory. It was left to others to apply his theories to such problems as the analysis of business cycles, quantifying the economic costs of traffic congestion or calculating the effect of tax changes.

At pages, and studded with mathematical symbols, Debreu's Theory Of Value was notable for being one of the shortest great works in economics - and one of the most difficult. Geoffrey now Lord Howe is said to have remarked that it was to economics what Finnegans Wake was to literature.

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Nevertheless it is still regarded as a classic in its field. Gerard Debreu was born in Calais on July 4 His father was a partner in a family lace-making business - a traditional industry in the city. D-day intervened before his final exams and he immediately enlisted in the French Army, serving in the occupation forces in Germany until the war ended. Changing his field, Debreu found a post as a research assistant at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris and, in , travelled on a Rockefeller fellowship to America.

Later the same year he took a position as a research associate with the Chicago-based Cowles Commission for Research in Economics where, over the next 11 years, he became known as one of the Commission's most prominent and active researchers. Octavo, original cloth. In very good condition, name to the front free endpaper.

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Having outlined in the opening chapter the mathematical concepts and results used in the rest of the book, Debreu then discusses the concepts of a commodity and prices, producer behavior, consumer behavior, equilibrium, the relationship between equilibrium and Pareto optimality, and uncertainty" Vane and Mulhearn, The Nobel Memorial Laureates in Economics.