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Ultraman: Towards the Future (Series) - TV Tropes

You can post either one alone. Please agree to the terms and move on to the confirmation page. Tentacle Paradise Glitter Toy. See all Ultraman's three minute time limit is also attributed to "Earth's polluted atmosphere" in this version.

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Although simply called "Ultraman" in the original Australian version, the series was titled Ultraman Great for its Japanese release; the episode show was originally featured on home video and Laser Disc there on 25 September , and was later broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System from 8 July to 30 September The show was distributed in the United States by Sachs Family Entertainment, and broadcasted in weekly syndication from 4 January to 28 March Suddenly the giant warrior, Ultraman, arrives and fights Goudes, but is knocked down for a period. Shindo is pinned by a rockslide and Haggard tries to escape in their ship but is blown up by Goudes.

It is then that Ultraman gets up, and when he is on the verge of victory Goudes changes into a virus and travels to Earth, where it plans on corrupting all life, mutating other creatures into monsters and awakening existing ones. Needing a human host to survive on Earth, Ultraman joins with Jack, allowing him to become the mighty alien when all seems lost.

Ultraman - Towards the Future (1991) (SNES)

Halfway through the series Goudes reappears, more powerful than before. It imprisons Ultraman, but Jack distracts it by ultimately showing it the futility of its mission.

Even if it does manage to corrupt all life, eventually there will be nothing else to corrupt. The distraction allows Ultraman to break free and destroy Goudes once and for all. For the rest of the series the environmental themes are stronger and the monsters usually arise from human pollution.

Ultraman - Towards the Future

In the series finale, a doomsday scenario begins with the appearance of three powerful monsters: Kilazee, Kodalar, and the Earth itself, which tries to wipe out the human race for abusing it. Ultraman is defeated by Kodalar, but Jack survives. Ultimately the humans use an ancient disc to destroy Kodalar by reflecting its own power at it and Ultraman defeats Kilazee and carries it into space, separating Jack from him and restoring him on Earth as a normal human.

The victory is seen as another chance for the human race.

Ultra Hero Series 13 Ultraman Towards the Future (Ultraman G) (Character Toy)

Pronounced "Yuma", the Universal Multipurpose Agency is a high-tech defense force with a huge base situated on an island off the coast of Australia. When the series was released in Japan, the names of some of the monsters were changed. The soundtrack is very rare, it went quickly out of print and can now only be found used. The music was performed by The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. The series also received an equally short-lived toyline from DreamWorks toys. The figures were 10" tall and included Ultraman, who came with a mini Jack Shindo, as well as his enemies Bogun, Barrangas, Majaba, Gerukadon and Kilazee.

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Ultraman: Towards the Future

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