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Lightweight Backpacking Basics. Kenneth Cooke. Backpacking , Singapore, Malaysia, Thialand. Backpacking What you need to know and have before you go Free Books. Backpacking Tibet. Amsterdam Travel Essential Amsterdam Tourism. Muhaned Etaby. Related topic Backpacking travel. Father of missing backpacker pleads for help in Australia. The Star TV. Police search for two backpackers who sunbathed in the middle of a road in Taiwan. Moving house will make backpackers dreams a reality. To ask other readers questions about Wilderness Basics , please sign up.

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Showing Rating details. Sort order. Mar 13, Shobhit Dalal rated it really liked it. It covers all required details but it is more focused towards west coast hiking with examples and pictures from that region alone. Also, I would appreciate if the pictures were colored as some pictures which are used for explanation, does not make sense if they are black and white.

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Overall reading is good and authors are well experienced and knowledgeable about all the wilderness topics covered in the book. It is a handy book for new adventurers.

Good resource for those new to hiking and backcountry camping. Its fabric bandages were stickier and more flexible than the cheaper plastic ones in the First Aid Only kit which does have some fabric bandages too , its moleskin was thicker and stickier, and the medical tape was twice as wide and stayed on better after getting wet. I also liked that the elastic wrap bandage had Velcro strips instead of metal clasps—they were easier to fasten.

The trapezoidal design is intended to provide room for add-on supplies, and the pockets are spacious enough to hold them. The booklet has helpful reminders for first aid basics such as doing CPR, dressing wounds, assessing spinal injuries, and more, but it also has a few recommendations that seem to come out of left field—for example, a procedure to cut an opening in the trachea and add a tube for breathing in the event of a throat obstruction.

The Explorer Kit has the same flowerlike design but contains more items. Among those are disposable thermometers, additional gloves, GlacierGel to treat burns or blisters, a CPR barrier, duct tape, a patient-assessment form and pencil, and a triangle bandage for creating slings.

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Compared with the larger version of our runner-up, the Mountain Series Weekender, the Explorer Kit has more medications and dressings and a better layout. We also wish the Backpacker Kit came with a few additional basic items, such as a CPR mask and antacids, and ibuprofen and bandages in larger quantities. On top of that, although almost all of the Adventure Medical kits offer a few sheets of moleskin for blisters, we wish that all of them including this one also had superior blister-care items such as foam padding or Engo patches.

In contrast to the older Mountain Classic Series, the Mountain Series, introduced in , added some of the features we love, such as zippered pockets made of a more durable material and an item list on the kit itself.

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These are made of clear plastic, and they have zippers to contain the items. It also has taped zippers to help keep water out of the kit—a feature the Backpacker Kit lacks. Two handle loops make the case easy to carry and transport. When looking at the components of the Day Tripper and the Backpacker Kit side by side, I could immediately see that the Backpacker Kit had trauma shears, as well as more antiseptic wipes, alcohol swabs, antibiotic ointments, knuckle bandages, ibuprofen, antihistamines, and aspirins.

The Backpacker Kit also includes acetaminophen, while the Day Tripper does not. The Weekender has items such as a triangle bandage, a large povidone-iodine packet for sterilization, more gauze and trauma pads, a CPR barrier, wound-closure strips, and GlacierGel for burns and blisters.

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In addition, the Weekender has patient-assessment note sheets and a pencil for record keeping, plus a wilderness first aid book for more detailed support. The Weekender is the only kit in our test group to have individual instruction cards for each category telling you how to recognize symptoms and use the relevant first aid items. Those pockets, however, have Velcro closures, which are handy for quick access but not as great for containing items. Like the Day Tripper, the Essentials Kit unfolds like a book; you slide its components in and out of open plastic compartments.

The case of the Essentials Kit feels durable, and the zipper works fine, although it lacks the rubber reinforcements of the Weekender and the Backpacker Kit. However, when we received it, the kit was missing the fingertip bandages that were supposed to be included.

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About half of the First Aid Only bandages were plastic as opposed to fabric and were, as a result, less flexible and durable. The remaining bandages were fabric. Finally, although the Essentials Kit lacks an equivalent to the wilderness first aid booklet that comes with the Backpacker Kit, it does have a basic first aid handout with refreshers from the Red Cross for reference. But its supply list is thorough, and it comes with a detachable day-kit pouch, so you could pull what you needed from this kit for shorter outings. The case is very sturdy, and the kit is smartly organized, with elastic loops holding the containers and items in place, which means you can see them at a glance.

The kit is carefully curated to include higher-quality first aid items like Engo patches for blisters, Second Skin, and small batches of Steri-Strips. You can order those items—along with refills of anything else in your kit—from Adventure Medical Kits or First Aid Only , and the prices even for common items like fabric bandage strips are, according to our quick calculations, pretty fair. Timothy P. Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Backpacker Kit The best first aid kit for hiking and the outdoors This compact yet well-stocked kit has the best layout of any we tested, so you can easily access the supplies you need.

Mountain Series Day Tripper Similar components, different design From the same company that makes our top pick, this kit is similarly priced but has fewer supplies and a less user-friendly case. Budget pick. Everything we recommend Our pick. We considered the highest rated and best-selling kits from major outdoor retailers and companies.

The Day Tripper left and the Backpacker Kit right , both from Adventure Medical, are two of our favorite kits, but the Backpacker has a few more supplies and a superior design. Photo: Rozette Rago Organization: A good kit should be organized efficiently, with the sections clearly labeled. The Day Tripper left has taped zippers to help keep water out of the kit—a feature the Backpacker Kit right lacks. Photo: Rozette Rago Completeness: All supplies listed for a kit should be inside—nothing should be missing.